Wednesday, August 31, 2011

trying to make a name ... err, image for ourselves

Soon, our "face" will be revealed.  Canned Creative Productions was the brain child of Ira and Aileen Miller in the spring of this year.  We have concentrated on developing good music with good musicians but along the sidelines, we have also been working to establish an image for ourselves.  You may never know who Ira and Aileen are or what they look like, but hopefully you will know the music they get out in the public and our new little logo will represent who we want to be.

We will make a final selection of the Canned Creative logo in the next few days and needless to say, we are both really excited for the unveiling.  It has been great fun working with Mia Bortalussi of Little City Designs in Ventura, CA.

~ i & a

Very cute logo, very cute office in old town Ventura and a very creative mind in Mia and her hubby.

Summertime ... and the living is easy.

First, folks, we gotta to say, "sorry we have been MIA this summer." 

Second, well, we have been working hard - trust us.

We are happy to report that our projects are well under-way and the creative juices of Cool Beat Borscht and Idiomuse have been churning heavily to complete the newest original tunes for the upcoming CDs.  A bit of rehearsal, lining up the best musicians and we will be off to the studio for recording in a short while.

In the meantime, CBB has done a few gigs including last night's Eagle and Badge Foundation Gala in Los Angeles.  CBB played to a cocktailing crowd before the gala which honored the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Mike Brown; the Metropoulos Family of Pabst Brewing Company; and Warren Beatty and Annette Bening.  It was a fabulous evening and CBB was happy to be a part of it, getting the crowd in the mood. 

Please check out the Eagle and Badge Foundation:

April Fletcher and Tom Moose prepping the stage for a jazzy cocktail hour.

One of the "higher end" items in the silent auction.

The JW Marriott hosted a large crowd for this 10 year anniversary event.

The new coach, Mike Brown of the Los Angeles Lakers being interviewed on the red carpet.