Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cool Beat Borscht Debut CD is complete!!

Canned Creative Productions is happy to announce the debut CD of Cool Beat Borscht, jazz trio based in Los Angeles, CA.

In March of this year, we flew out April and Tom to our studios in Savannah, GA for an intense writing and recording project.  The result: an amazing cd with all original songs by the band's members and an improv session to boot!!

Cool Beat Borscht members are:

April Fletcher - Bass/Percussion
Ira Miller - Drums/Percussion
Tom Moose - Guitar/Percussion

April and Tom are located in Los Angeles and are both working on solo projects and performances throughout the Los Angeles area.  Ira is based in Savannah, GA and is our Creative Director here at Canned Creative Productions.

In early November, there will be a CD release party in Venice CA.  Please stay tuned for complete date, time and venue information.  It promises to be a great jam session with CDs available for sale!

The CD will be available for purchase online as well as through iTunes.  More to be announced....

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